Errant Princess Update

Sorry for the lack of updates, but due to other issues, unfortunately, The Errant Princess will not be coming out as planned in 2018. It will be out 2019 – as early as I can get it done. The Tears of the Divine is still scheduled for 2019, in the latter part of the year, so I will keep you all updated as we get closer.


Another review for The Heirs of Lydin

After her previous review of The Grey Mage, Esme of The Weatherwax Report has reviewed The Heirs of Lydin and given it a 75/100 score.

“All in all, I feel like this was an improvement from Grey Mage and I really liked seeing Aelzander again – I liked him a lot in the first series.”

See here for the full review.

Coming Soon – The Errant Princess

2018 will mark the release of The Errant Princess, the second instalment in The Tales of Aelzandar.  Below is the cover and preliminary blurb: Watch for this novella later in the year, and check back at this site for further updates!

The Errant - Low Resolution

A decade has passed since Aelzandar joined the Grey Mages. A new faith sweeps the lands of Goriinchia where an ambitious warlord unites the disparate tribes, but in the north Alusine Ran-Tyron ascends to the Emparian throne, hoping for a glorious and peaceful reign.

Aelzandar’s time with the Grey Mages comes to a tragic end, and though Alusine’s favour rescues Aelzandar from a horrific fate, Aelzandar cannot help but think of those he has lost, even as he tutors Alusine’s daughter, the Princess Ellinda, in the ways of the Art.

When Ellinda flees her loveless marriage, Aelzandar is honour bound to find her, even if doing so disturbs the ghosts of his past and uncovers a far more dangerous and insidious threat to the future.