The path that eventually led to The Heirs of Lydin was a long one.

I’ve always written – even from a young age, and the seeds that would eventually grow into this work were planted very early on. I was seven or thereabouts, and I wrote a rather rambling story call “The Elf’s Ring”.

fotrbookI’d always loved fantasy – and had been exposed to all the classics as a child – Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Lloyd Alexander, along with various myths and legends – Greek and Roman, Norse and Celtic.

“The Elf’s Ring” was a rather rambling tale of an elf coming into possession of a magic ring – not dissimilar to Bilbo’s story from the hobbit – though my antagonist tangled with various creatures and characters from mythology, including a fire-breathing chimera. The elf didn’t even get a name until halfway through the story – Talan.

Although the original story is long since gone (thankfully), its memory lived on, including being rewritten several times as I got older. Alert readers of The Heirs of Lydin might even spot a familiar name.

Years later I began what would eventually become The Heirs of Lydin.  I think I was in my late teens. I churned out a few chapters with no thought of where it was headed until I got stuck, and then shelved it. It would stay in that state, almost in stasis, until one day I decided (after heavy encouragement from my future wife) that for once, just once, I would finish the darn thing. And this time I would actually plan and plot it out. It was finished in the space of two or so years, and then the editing took longer – as my time was put to more productive tasks (marriage, two children, work).

Then I discovered something. It was far, far too long.  Almost two hundred thousand words. So rather than one book, it became two – and soon three, but more on that in my next post.


The Heirs of Lydin released for E-Book

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Ever since the brutal murder of his parents at the hands of a cult, Bellaydin Ap’Lydin has spent his entire life as the only human in a land of elves. Here, he and his half-sister Polnygar are barely tolerated, especially by the arrogant Spellweaver Lord Ivellios with his dreams of a purified elven kingdom. But after Polnygar stows away on a visiting envoy’s ship, and Bellaydin is accused of murder, their whole world changes.
Far from home and each other, they form new alliances and face challenges of their own. Assassins and cultists trail the siblings’ every step in the name of their ancestor, General Lydin, and a lost artefact, the Tears of the Divine. As friends and family suffer death and misfortune, and the shadowy Horned God manipulates events from afar, the siblings are drawn into the prophecy of the Heir of Lydin. But is Bellaydin or Polnygar the Heir? Or is that a secret they should leave buried?

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