Worlds of One Gender

memeIn the midst of writing The Slaves of the Horned God  I realized something about the story, something which the fantasy genre has suffered from in the past. All of the characters shared at least one aspect in quality: their reproductive organs.

Yes, it appeared outside of the main characters every character was male. It wasn’t planned that way, it just seemed to happen. Unfortunately my mind had somehow concocted a lazy “male, unless required otherwise” for all the new characters. This made the world seem to have the lopsided gender ratio of The Hobbit. Indeed it would seem that the novel would fail the Bechdel Test quite handily.

Female characters often get a bit of a raw deal in a lot of fiction. One of the biggest issues is them having a lack of agency, and ending up being merely an objective, obstacle or reward for the hero.

So I took a new approach, and changed the internal rule to be “only male if absolutely required to be.”, which resulted in some characters changing genders. It also resulted in one of the characters changing from heterosexual to homosexual, so we can consider that a double win for diversity.


(Oh and I do have a female character who is an oracle, but in my defense – she’s not blind…)



windsofwinterWith the news that Winds of Winter will not be released this coming year there are probably many who are disappointed (including, it seems George R. R. Martin himself). However it is probably better than such a hefty tome is finished well rather than quickly. As a big fan of the author and of the series A Song of Fire and Ice, I eagerly await its release – even if its still a few years off. In the meantime I advise fans to read A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms  if they haven’t already – its fantastic.

Such news turns my own mind to my progress on Book 2 of the Ap’Lydin Chronicles: The Slaves of the Horned God. With roughly 75% of the first draft complete, it is still well on track for release in 2017.  Book 3: The Tears of the Divine has a complete first draft but I expect this will be tweaked once Book 2 is released.

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In the meantime, I will continue to update this website with character profiles and background information.