Coming Soon – The Grey Mage

While The Slaves of the Horned God is not due until 2017, I will not be completely quiet in 2016.

In addition to the Ap’Lydin Chronicles I will be releasing a series of novellas, the first of which is planned for a 2016 release and will be titled The Grey Mage.  It is set 250 years before The Heirs of Lydin and features one of the major supporting characters of the Ap’Lydin Chronicles, Aelzandar.

Below is the cover and a preliminary blurb.

Grey - Low Resolution

Before he was the Archmage, he was the Exile…

Driven from his home and made a slave, Aelzandar flees his captors in an unknown land.  As the natives turn against him and threaten his life, he is saved by a mysterious cadre who dwell in the Tower of the Magi.

Welcomed into this brethren, he is introduced to their enigmatic master, the Grey Mage Cassian. In this place Aelzandar feels at peace for the first time in decades.

Aelzandar’s tranquil new life is short-lived when a discovery in the tower destroys this utopian society and drives a wedge through Aelzandar’s
new comrades. Deserted by his students and friends, Cassian looks to Aelzandar for help, but what can one slave do against the power of the divine?