Journey to The Grey Mage

The Grey Mage is almost complete, so over the next few months I am going to do a series of posts that will preview the story that the novella will tell.

250 years before The Heirs of Lydin, the lands of Emparia are a different place. The Ran-Tyrons hold the crown, unchallenged by any rival, and the lands of Goriinchia are a primitive, barbaric place. The faith of the Horned God does not yet exist and Goriinchians themselves feel no unity amongst themselves above that of their own tribe.

A group of foreign mages has taken up residence in an ancient Soldara ruin, a ruin which has become known as the Tower of the Magi, thanks to the current inhabitants.


It is into this world that will enter our protagonist, and one familiar to readers of The Heirs of Lydin: Aelzandar.

Though centuries later he may be known as the great and powerful Archmage, during this time Aelzandar is nothing more than an escaped slave, having spent years under the brutal yoke of the Qardleeans after fleeing his own homeland.

With the Qardleeans in pursuit, he flees to the Tower of the Magi, hoping to find refuge there…

In our next preview, we will look at the new character of the Grey Mage Cassian, and his followers.




Cruisin’ through books cause books make life worth living with Aly 8/11/2016 part 1

Aly at Riley Amos Reviews has reviewed The Heirs of Lydin.

Riley Amos Westbook

The Heirs of Lydin (The Ap’Lydin Chronicles, #1) by Aidan Hennessy

This book was a beautiful story.  I would love to read the next one.  In a way, this book reminds me of a show I watched called “The Shannara Chronicles”.    I really enjoyed this book as much as I enjoy this TV show.  The characters are exciting to follow.  ” I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*  5/5

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