Journey to the Grey Mage: War of the Magi

At the time that The Grey Mage takes place, two and a half centuries before the Heirs of Lydin, two great wizards stand opposed to each other and other practitioners of the Art find themselves forced to choose a side.

In the frozen wastes of Skurj rules the great Archmage Rive, also known as Rive the Unholy, or Rive the Unspeakable. With his unspeakable armies and his unfathomable power, he casts a long shadow on the world of men, and his might has proved unassailable.

Only one wizard dares stand in opposition: Kelloccio the White, champion of the Resistance and protector of the innocent. Kelloccio’s ally, Fatima al’Naif, puts the considerable resources of the Infinite Caliphate at Kelloccio’s disposal, but even that might not be enough to stand against the might of Rive.

But what of those who would stand apart? What of those who would choose neither the darkness nor the light?
Those who have chosen neutrality in this great war have retreated to the wilds of Goriinchia, and taken up in an ancient Soldara ruin. Here they pursue their own agendas, without the complications of Rive and Kelloccio’s conflict.

The most powerful of them, and acknowledged first amongst equals, is Cassian the Grey. Of privileged upbringing in Lerid, Cassian speaks little of his past, but rumors abound. It is said that he once served with Kelloccio, but more ominously that he was originally the favoured pupil of Rive.

Whatever the truth of these stories, Cassian is now a man who looks only towards the future and places the pursuit of knowledge above all, particularly knowledge of the Art. What secrets he is searching for in this tower, however, are anyone’s guess…