Coming Soon – The Errant Princess

2018 will mark the release of The Errant Princess, the second installment in The Tales of Aelzandar.  Below is the cover and preliminary blurb: Watch for this novella later in the year, and check back at this site for further updates!

The Errant - Low Resolution

A decade has passed since Aelzandar joined the Grey Mages. A new faith sweeps the lands of Goriinchia where an ambitious warlord unites the disparate tribes, but in the north Alusine Ran-Tyron ascends to the Emparian throne, hoping for a glorious and peaceful reign.

Aelzandar’s time with the Grey Mages comes to a tragic end, and though Alusine’s favour rescues Aelzandar from a horrific fate, Aelzandar cannot help but think of those he has lost, even as he tutors Alusine’s daughter, the Princess Ellinda, in the ways of the Art.

When Ellinda flees her loveless marriage, Aelzandar is honour bound to find her, even if doing so disturbs the ghosts of his past and uncovers a far more dangerous and insidious threat to the future.


In the Pipeline

pexels-photo-838413.jpegWe’re one month into 2018, and I’ve got a few different things on the go. So what am I currently working on?

First up is The Errant Princessthe second novella in the Tales of Aelzandar series. This story follows Aelzandar after he becomes a member of the Grey Magi, and chronicles, amongst other things, his discovery of the Tears of the Divine. It is set between 235 to 200 or so years before The Heirs of Lydin. This is expected to be released early this year.

I’m also working on The Tears of the Divine, the final instalment in The Ap’Lydin Chronicles, and the story of Bellaydin and Polnygar’s final confrontation with the Horned God. This is scheduled for release early next year.

Another work, tentatively titled Here Be Dragons. It is a short story that fits between The Slaves of the Horned God and The Tears of the Divine, and is about what Polnygar and her companions encounter near the Dragonwall of Tarken. No release date for this yet, I’ll have to see how this comes along.

More details on these and more as the year goes on.

Refresher Reading

The Slaves of the Horned God will be released in a week or so. Can’t remember where our heroes are as the second novel begins? Here’s some “refresher reading”.  Be warned: the may be considered mildly spoilerific…

Heirs of Lydin - Low Resolution-1

Bellaydin and Polnygar, half-siblings from the same father, have lived for over a decade in the elven lands of Aderilund under the protection of Polnygar’s mother, Saegralanna.

Enduring the hostility of Ivellios and other conservative members of the elven aristocracy, Bellaydin and Polnygar soon find themselves on the run, as a mysterious cult dedicated to the Horned God marks them both for death.

Polnygar stows away on the ship of Baron Augustin Bauer, a visiting Emparian envoy. From here she journeys to Macrodonia, where she joins the archmage Aelzandar and the scribe Hebu in the pursuit of a missing magical artifact. They find themselves in Ralom, and face the treacherous Ivellios once again.

Bellaydin, meanwhile, accompanies Sir Geoffrey Keslin and Kahlaf el’Laan to the lands of Emparia and Goriinchia where they are captured by the Goriinchian servants of the Horned God, led by the brothers Aonghus and Cathan Culainn.  Aonghus’s daughter, Morgan, assists Bellaydin and Geoffrey’s escape to Wishapton.

In Wishapton, Bellaydin meets his cousin William and the Dukes of Alariat and Oldharbour, and then endures a terrifying siege of the city as the Goriinchians bring war to the lands of Emparia. The tide is turned as the Duke of Oldharbour returns from the queen’s side with reinforcements.

The battle is won… but the war is not yet over.

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The Slaves of the Horned God by Aidan Hennessy

The Slaves of the Horned God

by Aidan Hennessy

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Giveaway #2

The second giveaway is a copy of The Heirs of Lydin, Book 1 of the Ap’Lydin Chronicles.

The Heirs of Lydin by Aidan Hennessy


The Heirs of Lydin


by Aidan Hennessy


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Journey to the Slaves of the Horned God

Bellaydin Ap'Lydin_Squire_Web

There is about a month until the release of The Slaves of the Horned God and just like my previous post, where I gave an overview of Polnygar’s journey, what follows is material related to Bellaydin’s story.

After his traumatic experiences in Wishapton, Bellaydin will find himself relegated to the royal court, where he must contend with the both politics and war alongside the great nobles of the realm, and a group of similarly aged squires.

These squires come from the Great Houses of Emparia. Some of these Houses I have already detailed in a previous post, the rest are described below.

House Highcrown


“Blood Will Out”

House Highcrown was once a powerful family, descended from a favoured illegitimate son of one of the last Tyron Kings. However, their decision to side with Henry de Morcor during the Emparian Civil War nearly destroyed the entire House.

The current Duke, Wulfric, lost his father and both his brothers during the Emparian Civil War and with his death the title will most likely pass to much distant relatives. The closest of these is Gaheris Highcrown, Wulfric’s two-year old grand-nephew. The grandson of Wulfric’s younger brother Emeth, Gaheris is keep away from court by his grandmother, Thea, and has little contact with the duke.

Lesser Houses pledged to House Highcrown include House Bluetowers and House Borrowdale.

House Mainstream


“The True, The Loyal”

Anson Mainstream’s father was the famed Sir Barrison Mainstream, known as “The Iron Boar”.  Sir Barrison fought under King Henry in the Emparian Civil Wars. His reward for service was one of the minor Earldoms, Warding.

Lesser Houses pledged to House Mainstream include House Hastang and House Dekard.

House Tallcastle


“Unyielding, Unbroken”

Lord Edmund Tallcastle was Henry de Morcor’s closest battle companion in the Emparian Civil War, and upon Henry gaining the crown Tallcastle was named Emparia’s premier Duke and the King’s closest advisor. Edmund’s only legitimate child married Henry, and despite her premature death and the deaths of her children, Tallcastle remained the King’s closest advisor, holding the position of Lord Chancellor.

Lesser Houses pledged to House Tallcastle include House Ballick and House Viensbury.

House Zalltor


“Ours is the Glory”

House Zalltor were latecomers to the Emparian Civil Wars, only declaring themselves after Henry de Morcor had already won the Battle of Goriinch Hill. Despite this, their immense wealth was to prove crucial to the new King’s attempts to keep his crown. As a reward they were gifted the Dukedom of Georgeton, vacant since the death of Kalen Tyron, the most persistent of the Tyron pretenders.

Oswin Zalltor, Duke of Georgeton, is Lord Treasurer, holding the purse strings of the kingdom, and his three sons are influential figures at court.

Lesser Houses pledged to House Zalltor include House Withers, House Fenbridge and House Moorsworth.


The Slaves of the Horned God is due for release in early November.

Journey to the Slaves of the Horned God


The Slaves of the Horned God is due to be released later this year. It is now in the editing stage but in the meantime, I am going to post a series of lead-in articles, just as I have done for The Heirs of Lydin and The Grey Mage.

These articles will cover places, themes and characters encountered by Polnygar and Bellaydin as they continue their journey.

First up is Polnygar, whose journey takes her to Selvarial, the fabled oasis-city of the Selvara and from there to the vast Infinite Caliphate, the desert empire whose borders touch the edges of the known world.

During her travels, she will meet people such as Celine de Lerid, Captain of the Leridian Chevaliers, Emir Omar al’Dazhi, ruler of Qar Arrid and Samir bin Adil, wealthy trader and old friend of Aelzandar.

Look for articles on these and more in the coming months.

Coming soon: The Slaves of the Horned God

2017 will mark the release of The Slaves of the Horned God, the second installment in The Ap’Lydin Chronicles.  Below is the cover and preliminary blurb: Watch for this book later in the year, and check back at this site for further updates!


The battle for Wishapton has been won but for Bellaydin Ap’Lydin, the victory has come with a deeply personal cost. He will need all his courage to survive the trials ahead; the capital awaits him, and he must navigate the treacherous politics of the royal court. The Horned God’s minions may have retreated but, as Bellaydin will learn, they do not rest.

Meanwhile, Polnygar Ap’Lydin, still on the trail of the fugitive spellweaver Lord Ivellios, finds herself in the mystical desert empire of Qarld. In this unfamiliar place, she must decide who to believe, even as her trust in her own companions is shaken by unexpected revelations.  Do the Horned God’s followers still hunt her, or are there deeper and more dangerous threats beginning to surface?