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The first reviews for SPFBO2017  are up, and while The Grey Mage was one of the first eliminated, Jared from Pornokitsch has left a nice review.

The Grey Mage by Aidan Hennessy. Aelzandar, an outcast elf, boldly escapes from slavery, and, at the point of recapture, is saved by a pair of wizards. They take him to their master – the Grey Mage. Cassian is the third-most powerful wizard in the land (I envision this like the old index card-based ‘ladder’ hinging in a school gym), and so-called because he refuses to join with either the White or Black mages, preferring to further his own ambitions. Aelzandar fits in with Cassian’s crew as a cook, steward and general dogsbody, giving him ample opportunity to observe and admire his master’s adventures. The initial set-up is a slightly false steer, as Aelzandar is largely a blank (he has his own Special Destiny woven in, and it has a role at the end, but he’s actually more interesting as a neutral observer). The magic system is pleasantly abstract, and has Lovecraftian elements that help showcase exactly how weird and unknowable magic can be. The Grey Mage is a quick read, and a light one.

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Cruisin’ through books cause books make life worth living with Aly 8/11/2016 part 1

Aly at Riley Amos Reviews has reviewed The Heirs of Lydin.

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The Heirs of Lydin (The Ap’Lydin Chronicles, #1) by Aidan Hennessy

This book was a beautiful story.  I would love to read the next one.  In a way, this book reminds me of a show I watched called “The Shannara Chronicles”.    I really enjoyed this book as much as I enjoy this TV show.  The characters are exciting to follow.  ” I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*  5/5

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