Esmes Indie Highlights/SPFBO: The Grey Mage by Aidan Hennessey

Review for The Grey Mage from Esmerelda Weatherwax Report.

The Weatherwax Report

I liked this one, it’s a nice short story that was a welcome change from a few doorstoppers I’ve just finished. It was part of Pornokitsch’s grouping and has been eliminated already.

There’s a bunch of reviews in that link, The Grey Mage is in there though.

I also really like this cover.

Bingo: Self Published, Non Human Protagonist


The book opens with the main character running from slavers, he’s an elf who’s been captured after being thrown out of his country by his father. His father has disowned him because he’s unable to use the Art which is this worlds magic system.

He ends up being employed by The Grey Mage who’s exploring an archaeological dig looking for ancient relics, they end up finding secret passage ways and ancient things people haven’t seen in generations.

There’s also a war going on between the White Wizard and the…

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100 SPFBO Reviews

Esmerelda Weatherwax of the Weatherwax Report has given herself an ambitious target – to read and review 100 SPFBO entries by the end of the context. The Grey Mage is one of these, and I’ll post again when it has been read.

Read more about her goal here.

SPFBO 2017 Reviews

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The first reviews for SPFBO2017  are up, and while The Grey Mage was one of the first eliminated, Jared from Pornokitsch has left a nice review.

The Grey Mage by Aidan Hennessy. Aelzandar, an outcast elf, boldly escapes from slavery, and, at the point of recapture, is saved by a pair of wizards. They take him to their master – the Grey Mage. Cassian is the third-most powerful wizard in the land (I envision this like the old index card-based ‘ladder’ hinging in a school gym), and so-called because he refuses to join with either the White or Black mages, preferring to further his own ambitions. Aelzandar fits in with Cassian’s crew as a cook, steward and general dogsbody, giving him ample opportunity to observe and admire his master’s adventures. The initial set-up is a slightly false steer, as Aelzandar is largely a blank (he has his own Special Destiny woven in, and it has a role at the end, but he’s actually more interesting as a neutral observer). The magic system is pleasantly abstract, and has Lovecraftian elements that help showcase exactly how weird and unknowable magic can be. The Grey Mage is a quick read, and a light one.

Click here to see the post in full, along with the other 25 eliminated contenders, and the four semi-finalists.

Self Published Fantasy Blog-Off 2016

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The Heirs of Lydin is an entrant in author Mark Lawrence’s second annual Self Published Fantasy Blog-off (SPFBO 2016).

This is a great  event that gives needed exposure to self-published authors in the Fantasy genre. 10 top book bloggers review 30 novels each, picking their favourites to go into a final round where a winner is declared.

(There’s also a competition for the best cover of these entrants, which The Heirs of Lydin has reached the top 30).

Click here to find out more.