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Reader Michael Sterry has reviewed The Heirs of LydinThe Grey Mageand The Slaves of the Horned God at Goodreads!

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Don’t panic: Paperback will be back

UPDATE: Paperback is back up!

Some of you may have noticed that the paperback edition of The Heirs of Lydin seems to have disappeared from Amazon and other retailers. Don’t worry, its just having a slight retool for a new edition that should be out this coming week.

I will do an update when it is once again available.

E-Book and Kindle copies are still available in the meantime.

Refresher Reading

The Slaves of the Horned God will be released in a week or so. Can’t remember where our heroes are as the second novel begins? Here’s some “refresher reading”.  Be warned: the may be considered mildly spoilerific…

Heirs of Lydin - Low Resolution-1

Bellaydin and Polnygar, half-siblings from the same father, have lived for over a decade in the elven lands of Aderilund under the protection of Polnygar’s mother, Saegralanna.

Enduring the hostility of Ivellios and other conservative members of the elven aristocracy, Bellaydin and Polnygar soon find themselves on the run, as a mysterious cult dedicated to the Horned God marks them both for death.

Polnygar stows away on the ship of Baron Augustin Bauer, a visiting Emparian envoy. From here she journeys to Macrodonia, where she joins the archmage Aelzandar and the scribe Hebu in the pursuit of a missing magical artifact. They find themselves in Ralom, and face the treacherous Ivellios once again.

Bellaydin, meanwhile, accompanies Sir Geoffrey Keslin and Kahlaf el’Laan to the lands of Emparia and Goriinchia where they are captured by the Goriinchian servants of the Horned God, led by the brothers Aonghus and Cathan Culainn.  Aonghus’s daughter, Morgan, assists Bellaydin and Geoffrey’s escape to Wishapton.

In Wishapton, Bellaydin meets his cousin William and the Dukes of Alariat and Oldharbour, and then endures a terrifying siege of the city as the Goriinchians bring war to the lands of Emparia. The tide is turned as the Duke of Oldharbour returns from the queen’s side with reinforcements.

The battle is won… but the war is not yet over.

New Book Giveaways!

To mark the release of The Slaves of the Horned God, I am conducting two paperback giveaways at Goodreads.

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The first giveaway is a copy of The Slaves of the Horned God and The Heirs of Lydin, Book 1 and 2 of the Ap’Lydin Chronicles.

The Slaves of the Horned God by Aidan Hennessy

The Slaves of the Horned God

by Aidan Hennessy

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Giveaway #2

The second giveaway is a copy of The Heirs of Lydin, Book 1 of the Ap’Lydin Chronicles.

The Heirs of Lydin by Aidan Hennessy


The Heirs of Lydin


by Aidan Hennessy


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Lessons Learned


A good few rounds of editing is intended to turn a turd of a first draft into a polished manuscript for publishing. Sometimes, however, you don’t catch everything. Sometimes you don’t find them until you release your work into the wide world.

So here, in no particular order, are some things I’ve learned from my current works after their releases:

Why are you so irritating?

Sometimes a character you hope people will find charming and amusing, they instead will find annoying. Really annoying.  Even after you think you’d already ‘fixed’ him. So, best to tone him down for the next instalment. (I’ll protect the fictional character’s identity by leaving him nameless)

Let’s get going already!

First entries in series often suffer from the dreaded pacing disease that is called the slow start.  Let’s get moving quicker, next time, sans the infodumping.

Why is everyone shouting at me?!

This one is simple. Too! Many! Exclamation! Marks! In! Dialogue! Hopefully everyone cools off a bit next time.

Um…shouldn’t you be dead?

Sometimes people get injured. Sometimes they get injured badly. Sometimes they don’t get any treatment. Mysteriously, they live anyway. (Just…no)

Happily The Slaves of the Horned God won’t have any of these issues. (Now let’s make sure it doesn’t have a whole bunch of new issues…)