Of all the practitioners of the Art in the world, there is one who is respected above all for their wisdom, knowledge and power. That person is the Archmage, acknowledged by their peers as the pre-eminent master of the Art.

For almost two centuries Aelzandar li’Geihnos has held the title of Archmage, despite being of the Eldara. Normally Eldara would learn the Art within the ranks of the spellweavers, but a traumatic youth led to Aelzandar being exiled from his homeland . He learned the Art at the feet of human mages. One of these, Cassian, held Aelzandar to be his greatest pupil. Cassian was Archmage in the early years of the Third Epoch, and during his tutelage Aelzandar met other notable practitioners of the Art, including Vanaja of Tarishtia, the twin Goriinchians Donal and Pedr, and the Lord Spellweaver of the Eldara, Saegras li’Aelsar.

Aelzandar was integral in the defeat of the Night Dragon. It was against this foe that Cassian lost his life, and Aelzandar succeeded to his title.


Aelzandar would later find himself an advisor of the Jagontay IV, Pharaoh of Macrodonia, whose family had recently liberated Macrodonia from the domination of the Infinite Caliphate. When the Pharaoh died, leaving only a child to succeed him, Aelzandar was one of the regents chosen to guide the child-Pharaoh as he grew into his role.

Perceptive and optimistic, Aelzandar always manages to sense hidden potential in the people he meets, and often integral in bringing this greatness to the fore. He is known and respected throughout the known world.

Only his homeland, Liderial, remains cold to him, but on that topic, Aelzandar remains silent.

(Artwork by Kii W)