Augustin Bauer

Augustin Bauer_WebSir Harold Bauer never showed his second son, Augustin, the same attention he did to his first, even though the elder son was a dissolute youth who wasted his time in trivialities. Augustin, on the other hand, grew into a determined and focused young man who spent his youth striving to earn his father’s admiration and respect through hard work.

When House Bauer sided with Henry de Morcor in the Emparian Civil War, Augustin fought with distinction, earning himself a knighthood and later the title of Baron. When his father died and his elder brother inherited the title of Earl, Augustin was rewarded with the position of Royal AmbassadorĀ and packed off to visit various foreign courts.

Diplomacy was something that didn’t come naturally to the brusque Baron Bauer, Augustin being more accustomed to the straightforward life of a warrior, but he did his duty. Even so he began to believe that the main reason for his “reward” was his brother’s desire to see him absent from the Earldom. The new Earl of Tyronsville believed that Augustin coveted his title, but in truth, Augustin sought that position even less than the one he already possessed.

(Artwork by Kii W)


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