cassian_webIn the waning years of the Second Epoch, the frozen wastes of Skurj were the domain of the great Archmage Rive, also known as Rive the Unholy, or Rive the Unspeakable. With his unspeakable armies and his unfathomable power, he cast a long shadow on the world of men, and for years his might proved unassailable.

Only one wizard dared to stand in opposition: Kelloccio the White, champion of the Resistance and protector of the innocent. Kelloccio’s ally, Fatima al’Naif, placed the considerable resources of the Infinite Caliphate at Kelloccio’s disposal, but many questioned whether even that was enough to stand against the might of Rive.

Those who chose neutrality in this great war retreated to the wilds of Goriinchia, and took up residence in an ancient Soldara ruin. Here they pursued their own agendas, without the complications of Rive and Kelloccio’s conflict.

The most powerful of them, and acknowledged first amongst equals, was Cassian the Grey. Of privileged upbringing in Lerid, Cassian spoke little of his past, but rumours abounded. It was said that he once served with Kelloccio, but more ominously that he was originally the favoured pupil of Rive.

Whatever the truth of these stories, Cassian became a man who looked only towards the future and placed the pursuit of knowledge above all, particularly knowledge of the Art. His lover and closest ally, Vanaja of Tarishtia, had ideas of revenge and Cassian helped her to fulfil those, a mission that brought them into conflict with Lord Saegras li’Aelsar and his spellweaver cadre.

Many tales are told of Cassian’s life, and the heroic exploits within, and none so more than the mage’s final battle against the Night Dragon, where Cassian and Aelzandar fought the nether creature in an epic confrontation that would shake the world. Only Aelzandar returned alive from that battle, but the name of  Cassian would never be forgotten.

(Artwork by Kii W)