Cathan Culainn

A scrawny and shy child, Cathan would never be able to match the legendary martial achievements of his predecessors in Clan Culainn. His elder brother Aonghus was the apple of their father’s eye, and followed in his footsteps as a great warlord, bringing glory to the Horned God’s name through his exploits. Cathan was withdrawn and bookish, a strong contrast to his gregarious and well-liked brother.

Unable to achieve divine favour through strength of arms, Cathan would seek a different path, and joined the priesthood of the Horned God. His determination and his zealous faith soon attracted attention, and his enjoyed a quick rise through the ranks. Along the way he gained a reputation for vindictiveness, pursuing petty grievances with an unmatched fervour.

His relationship with his brother, while never close to begin with, seemed to become even colder. Though they were on superficially good terms they clashed frequently, with Cathan enjoying using his own position to undermine Aongus whenever he felt he could gain the advantage with Ygarak.

Aonghus’ daughter, Morgan, was a particular bone of contention, with Cathan believing Aonghus indulged the girl, and allowed her too much freedom. Aonghus, for his part, would hear nothing of it, and Cathan’s protestations did nothing but elicit angry responses.

As they vied for Ygarak’s favour, Cathan feared that Aonghus might achieve a permanent ascendancy with a great victory over the Emparian infidels. A loss, on the other hand, might be just the thing to tips things in Cathan’s favour.

(Artwork by Kii W)