Geoffrey Keslin

Geoffrey Keslin_WebGeoffrey was barely out of the cradle before his father had begun pushing the boy towards his destiny. Edric Keslin was merely a knight, the first of his family, but he had great aspirations for his line and hoped for his son to realize these dreams, whether Geoffrey was suited to them or not.

Like his father Geoffrey became a squire, a knight in training. An unbecoming incident with a farm girl led to Geoffrey leaving Drakeford, the town of his birth, to Genio, the capital of the Earldom. Here Geoffrey was placed in the household of Alusine Ap’Lydin, the regent for the young earl, William Ap’Lydin. Geoffrey and William were of a similar age and circumstances and the two of them developed an unlikely friendship. When Geoffrey became a knight, he was devastated by the murder of his patron, Lord Alusine, but William, now in his majority, took the young knight into his direct service.

Though he showed little inclination to marriage, Geoffrey followed his father’s wishes and entered into a union with the daughter of a landed noble. The couple barely knew each other, and, though they produced two sons, the marriage was never anything but a loveless imposition for both of them. The bride’s father had hoped to replenish his family’s coffers with a generous dowry, whereas Sir Edric was marrying his son into nobility, with the expectation that the Keslins would be elevated to the same lofty ranks. The match failed to meet either family’s expectation and the couple spent most of their time apart.

Geoffrey and William were as close as ever, especially after the tragic death of William’s wife and the knight became his liege lord’s confidant and advisor, particularly in the matter of the Goriinchian threat. Though most of his peers would dismiss him as a drunken lightweight, Geoffrey’s amiable personality hid a keen tactical mind.

(Artwork by Kii W)