Haakon de Morcor


When Haakon de Morcor was born, his uncle Henry was only the Duke of Alariat, but by Haakon’s thirtieth year Henry had seized the Emparian throne, and the de Morcors were now royalty.

A vicious civil war between Henry’s supporters and the deposed Tyron dynasty dominated most of Haakon’s youth, where he fought for his uncle alongside close friends – Alusine Ap’Lydin and Wulfric Highcrown were two of his closest.

The war cost the lives of many that Haakon held dear – first his two cousins, the royal sons of Henry, were killed by the Black Duke, leaving Haakon heir to the throne, then many years later, Alusine was murdered by Horned God cultists, driving a rift between Haakon and Wulfric.

Haakon’s uncle remarried, siring a daughter before passing on. As the eldest surviving male member of the House, Haakon wielded great power in the young queen’s court, especially in the matter of the queen’s eventual marriage. Despite this, however, he seemed to procrastinate on the issue, and the queen remained unmarried even as she entered her mid-twenties. Rumours abounded that Haakon had a specific match in mind, and much was made of his closeness to the recently widowed Earl of Genio, William Ap’Lydin.

(Art by Athena Pallas)