Morgan Culainn

MorganCulainn_WebAll Goriinchians are born into slavery.  When they are young they are tattooed with the symbol of the Horned God, an outward manifestation of their position in their deity’s grand scheme.

If Goriinchian society had social classes, then the Clan Culainn would be akin to nobility. Padraig Culainn, Warchief during the Third Goriinch War had two sons: Aonghus, who became Warchief himself, and Cathan, one of the more zealous members of the Horned God’s priesthood. Aonghus took a woman of Saldarri extraction as his bride, and sired a single child, a daughter Morgan.

An intelligent and precocious girl, Morgan’s true potential remains undeveloped in a society that sees women as little more than broodmares. Though close to her father, her relationship with her uncle is tainted by the antipathy that Cathan held for Morgan’s mother unorthodox beliefs. Cathan’s distaste is enhanced by Morgan’s continuing bond with her maternal great-grandmother, the Seeress of Goriinchia – a spiritual leader whose loyalty to Prophet-King Ygarak remains in doubt.

Despite this Aonghus has never failed to protect his daughter, and as long as the Warchief lives, Cathan and other members of the priestly caste can do little to correct Morgan’s errant ways.

(Artwork by Kii W)