Polnygar Ap’Lydin

Polnygar ApLydin_WebTo the Eldara, there is nothing more important to one’s position in life than caste, and there is nothing more scandalous than those who attempt to find partners outside it, particularly if said partner is non-Eldara. Twenty-one years ago, the daughter of the Eldara ambassador to Emparia had a clandestine affair with a human noble. The result of the liaison was Polnygar.

The affair ended when her father was told to put aside his lover and commit to an arranged marriage with a high-born human woman. Polnygar soon gained a younger half-sibling, and her mother returned to Aderilund in disgrace. Only five years later, the murder of her father and stepmother meant both Polnygar and her younger brother were shipped off to Aderilund to live with Polnygar’s mother. There, like her brother, Polnygar was to be taunted with the slur the Eldara reserved for those of lesser worth. Mal-halyth.

(Artwork by Kii W)


4 thoughts on “Polnygar Ap’Lydin

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