lord-saegrasAs Liderial laboured under a brutal occupation at the closing years of the Second Epoch, the free remnants of the Eldara nation held court in distant Aderial. Without a King, the Eldara looked to the Spellweaver caste for leadership. The greatest and most influential Spellweaver of the time was Saegras li’Aelsar.

Saegras was powerful, self-assured and convinced of Eldara exceptionalism, but also knew to accept assistance when it was offered. An alliance with the Archmage Kelloccio put the resources of Qarld at Saegras’ disposal, a pact that would be vital when the time came to liberate Liderial.

Before this, however, troubling news had come from the wild lands of Goriinchia, where a group of unaligned mages had taken possession of a Soldara ruin. Saegras and his fellow Spellweavers were alarmed by this development. There were Soldara secrets that could be dangerous in the wrong hands and when it turned out that these mages were led by Cassian, a known former pupil of the madman Rive, the situation became more serious. The Spellweavers journeyed to Goriinchia intending to remove these mages, one way or another.

Long after this Saegras was ambassador to the Kingdom of Emparia, being the first foreign dignitary to present himself to the new king, Henry de Morcor. Unfortunately for Saegras, it was during this mission that his daughter, Saegralanna, formed a relationship with a human noble, Alusine Ap’Lydin. A half-elven child, Polnygar was the product of this liaison, a moral failure that some said hounded Saegras to an early grave.

(Artwork by Kii W)