Wulfric Highcrown

It is said that death changes a man. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the person of Wulfric Highcrown, Duke of Oldharbour.

The Highcrowns were of the old blood – descended from an early illegitimate line of the Tyron dynasty and were always close to the ruling family. This changed when Henry de Morcor raised his banners in rebellion against the Ran-Tyrons and the Highcrowns switched sides. The decision would cost them dearly, as most male members of the house were wiped out.

Wulfric Highcrown was the most prominent surviving member, just shy of forty years old when Henry seized the throne. A boisterous and gregarious warrior, Wulfric was close to Henry’s other prominent supporters, men around the same age such as Alusine Ap’Lydin and Haakon de Morcor. All three men survived the war and went on to be prominent members of Henry’s new regime.

The came the disaster – Alusine was murdered by cultists of the Horned God, with Wulfric too late to stop the killer. After this tragedy, Wulfric was a changed man. He became cold and withdrawn, possessed of an almost fanatical hatred of the Horned God. He was distant to his friends, even Haakon, and became estranged from his remaining family. All that had once mattered to him now drained away replaced only with a single overriding goal: Revenge.

(Art by Athena Pallas)