Emparia and Goriinchia

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Long before humans ruled Emparia and Goriinchia, the lands were dominated by the reclusive spellweaver caste known as the Soldara, who ruled the primitive humans from towering citadels that touched the clouds. Even mighty Davorea feared and respected the power of the Soldara, naming the lands the spellweavers ruled Seldaria. The Davoreans kept a wary eye on the land from their island fortress of Jerconia.

Eventually the power of the Soldara waned, and their human vassals rose up against them. The Soldara sent armies of automata against the humans but it was to no avail. Eventually the Soldara destroyed their towers and themselves in retribution. The so-called Last Citadel was put under siege by the legendary warlord Lydin, and with its destruction the time of Seldaria came to an end. At the same time Jerconia was destroyed by tectonic upheaval.

What was once Seldaria became Karlicia, named for the humans who now ruled it. A group of warring tribes, the Karlicians were only united when there was a strong leader to force them to end their squabbles or if an external threat did the same.

An external threat was about to appear with the arrival of warlike people from across the seas: The Enparrans. War between the Karlicians and Enparrans raged for centuries, but eventually the Enparrans conquered two-thirds of the island, confining the Karlicians to the mountainous south. Here the now-named Goriinchians could only watch as their rivals established six kingdoms. These six kingdoms grew in strength until one of their number, the King of Garns, established supremacy over the others, forming the Kingdom of Emparia.

This King, Alarion Tyron, was of the old blood – Davorean via a Jerconian line.  His descendants, the Tyrons and their cadet branch the Ran-Tyrons, were to rule for an unbroken eight centuries. In the twilight of the Ran-Tyron dynasty there was a great upheaval in Goriinchia, where the Prophet-King Ygarak united its peoples for the first time in thousands of years under the faith of the Horned God. Their new-found unity was followed by a series of wars against their northern neighbour.

In Emparia the Ran-Tyrons lost control of their kingdom, and a bloody civil war followed, ending only with Henry de Morcor taking the crown and eliminating his rivals. In the meantime trouble brewed on the Goriinchian border, and it seemed another war was brewing.


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