The Infinite Caliphate


Qarld, part of the Infinite Caliphate

A vast empire stretches across southern Carurlonia and the western islands beyond it, an empire of many peoples, cultures and lands. An empire united by one thing only: Faith. This is the Infinite Caliphate, the ancient rival of the Ralom, and terror that wakes the Ralomish faithful in the night. There is an enmity between their peoples, a mutual divide more than a thousand years old.

With the fall of Davorea, the city of Ralom grew to become the centre of faith, a holy city that all paid deference to. Its Patriarchs held unquestioning moral authority, and the fates of those who dissented against such authority were lesson enough for those who would preach heresy.

Of these iconoclasts, perhaps the most notable one was Sarrius, a woman born of humble background who dared to preach against the Patriarch’s edicts. For her troubles, she and her followers were driven from Ralom, into hiding in the nearby city of Dar Morkal. Here she found new allies, and her movement grew until the faithful of Sarrius launched an attack on Ralom. Though the prophet was long since dead, her followers conquered the city, and launched a bloody vengeance in her name.

Ralom fell, but its leader survived, fleeing to the distant north, where they found supporters among the barbarian nations of the north. Eventually, they took back their city but the war between Ralom and the faithful of Sarrius (scornfully called Sarrisites) would never end.

The Sarrisite leader called himself the Infinite Caliph, as befitted the successor of a prophet, and the empire they ruled the Infinite Caliphate. True to its name the empire would survive war and conquest any death it endured merely a interlude before a glorious rebirth.

Many caliphates would follow the first: The Second Caliphate ended when the Macrodonian sorcerer-king Jaguseti destroyed it with his mastery of the Art, but with his death the Third Caliphate arose, regaining its lands. This empire perished during a bloody campaign to conquer distant Tarishtia, and it was followed by the Fourth Caliphate, scornfully known as the “Womens’ Caliphate”, for its peaceful nature and the dominance of sorceresses known as “Sha’ira”

The Fifth, or Qardleean Caliphate, rules now, an empire forged by the warlike people known as the Qardleeans. Such is their identification with the caliphate, that it is now common (though erroneous) to call the entire empire “Qarld”. Converted to the faith during one of the earlier caliphates, the Qardleeans are expansionistic and utterly devoted to their religion and demonstrated such with their conquest of Macrodonia. Though that land has since liberated itself, no enemy of Qarld is foolish enough to believe that the caliphate’s powers are spent.